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US$255mi managed.

We are a Private Investments and Guarantees Fund, which through Qualified Investors (Net Capital equal to or greater than $1 million) and evaluation of portfolios, projects, and degree of exposure, operates with business leverage through due profitability of results. Our professionals are part of the New Digital Economy and have vast experience in their fields of activity and have managed more than U$255 million in recent years. We have a professional Management and we periodically do capitalization rounds between our investors, interested parties, and/or new projects.

We provide more tranquillity to an increasingly volatile market.


The world is undergoing a digital transformation in which technology and finance merge in order to create a new economy based on Digital Assets and solutions that surpass the union between the physical and digital world.


The evaluation for securitization of a project comprises the risk assessment for endorsement, considering the high degree of exposure and volatility of the assets involved.

Management and Qualified Investment

Our Management and Operation is totally operated by Professionals inserted in the new market of digital provision and, because of that, we have partners with expertise inside and outside of the national territory who are highly specialized in Finance and Technology.


We only Contractually Endorse and Guarantee Projects that have undergone a Rigorous Risk and Management Evaluation, in order to guarantee greater tranquility and profitability to our Guarantors and to the Partner’s Investors. Projects validated in 2017-2021: ZERO10.CLUB and GENBIT



OSHER Real State

We promote not only the qualification of our Assets, but we also offer the qualification of our Investor during our capitalization and investment rounds. We currently have contracts in real assets of more than $10 million, with new rounds of expansion scheduled for Quarters I, II, III and IV of 2018 and 2019.

Family Values

Guaranteed Investment Fund and Risk Management

Our goal is to provide more tranquillity to an increasingly volatile market, in which business happen at an ever-increasing speed. When we Endorse a Project, and our Fund evaluates an operation, we are careful to analyze the Project, its profitability, and Managers. We are always promoting capitalization rounds as well as qualifying new investors. Even though it is a Professional Fund, we rely on our Family Values such as Transparency, Honesty, Focus, and Determination ... We know that behind each number there is a Person, a Family, a Dream.

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